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Please take note of the following announcement from our SMS Service Provider:


We would like to inform you of a new ICASA regulation set to come into effect as soon as the 2 October 2014. There is a possibility that this deadline may change - we will keep you posted.

The regulation will impose the following change when using Short Codes:

The Short Code itself and the way it is used by you will not change. The reply long number associated to your short code however will change.

When your customers receive a reply message from you, they currently see it coming from one of your 10-digit numbers, depending on the cell phone network they are on.

When the new regulation comes into effect, your existing 10-digit number will change to a new 10-digit number starting with "090". Your customers will subsequently see the message coming from the new cell phone number e.g. 27 90 xxx xxxx.

For a more detailed explanation of these changes and their potential impacts on your service, please read our blog.
Best Regards
Clickatell Care Team

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