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Make an Offer on Buy Now Items
Posted by , Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 28 September 2021 11:01 AM

The Make an Offer feature allows buyers and sellers to negotiate on buy now items and closed auction items. Sellers need to opt-in during the listing process if they want to accept offers. Buyers need to initiate the offer process by making an offer on a specific item.

How to make an offer

Buyers can simply filter by payment option when browsing and searching, or look for the Make an offer button in the listing of the item they want to buy. Clicking on the Make an Offer button will show a pop-up box. The buyer will need to enter:

  • Offer amount per item
  • Number of items they want
  • Buyer can also leave an optional note

Make an offer terms and conditions

  • The offer price is per item and excludes shipping
  • Offers are available on items for up to 48 hours after the item has closed
  • The seller has 48 hours to respond to the offer
  • Buyer can withdraw or change the offer before the seller accepts it
  • Buyer is committed to complete the purchase when the seller accepts the offer

Managing offers: buyers

On the Offers made screen, the buyer will be able to change or withdraw the offer. This is only available if the seller has not yet accepted the offer.

To change an offer:

  • Click Change
  • Enter in the new offer, quantity and optional note
  • Click Submit

After changing the offer, the buyer will see confirmation of the updated offer. 

To withdraw an offer:

  • Click Withdraw
  • Leave a note (optional).
  • Click Withdraw your offer

If an offer has been withdrawn, buyers will only be able to view the offer history or make a new offer.

Managing offers: sellers

Sellers are able to manage their offers on a single Offers screen. They can also see which of their items have offers on their Listings for sale screens. If there are any offers, sellers can click on offers link to see each individual offer displayed on a separate line.

Sellers can:

  • Accept the offer
  • Make a counter offer
  • Decline the offer

A counter offer means that the seller needs to enter an offer amount.The quantity will default to the quantity the buyer had initially set. The seller can include an optional note.

The buyer will then be prompted to Accept, Decline or Counter the seller's counter offer.

Accepted offers

Once an offer is accepted by either the buyer or the seller, it will be processed in the same way as a standard order on a buy now item. Please read more in this article: Completing your order.

Closed listing offers

Sellers can allow offers on closed auction and buy now listings. Buyers will be able to make offers on an auction listing for up to 48 hours after it closes.

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