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bidorbuy site is down
Posted by Cuan Akal on 29 November 2012 04:07 PM

Hi folks

We apologise for the site being down, we are frantically working to restore the website as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Message from our CTO at 7pm:

"Hi all,

We are really sorry about the uptime issues this afternoon. From around 14:30 this afternoon our infrastructure was hit by a massive DDOS (distributed denial of service attack) which flooded our network infrastructure and loadbalancers. At it's peak we experienced 300,000 (we do about 20,000/sec normally) requests per second and this knocked our servers off the network.

It has taken some time to stabilise traffic, but it is certainly an orchestrated and malicious attack to flood our servers and prevent us from serving regular traffic.

Just to assure everyone - no security was breached, this was an attempt to flood our servers with traffic to crash them or deny regular service. We have engineers from Internet Solutions as well as our own IT staff monitoring the situation and taking corrective action to reduce impact.

Our sites are functioning at the moment despite still receive a massive amount of garbage traffic.

We did extend trades close-time to 11pm tonight to provide buyers with more time."

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