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Private Car Sellers - please take note of this Safety announcement
Posted by Cuan Akal on 30 March 2012 05:16 PM
Please see this article regarding Gumtree and car hijacking (this would apply to all private car sellers) - Man hijacked by potential car buyers | News24

The AA recommends the following safety guidelines:

  • If a potential buyer calls with a private or withheld number, insist that they give you their cellphone number and verify it. If they have a land line number, ask them for it.
  • If the potential buyer asks for a test drive, make sure it’s not you alone with two or three other people in case they have sinister intentions. Overpowering one person is a lot easier than two or three. If you can, get someone to go along with you to the test drive.
  • Never let anyone test drive your vehicle without seeing their driver’s license. If you can, make a copy of it. This is to ensure you know the person’s identity should they try to defraud you or steal your car.
  • After the test drive, ensure you have the correct keys and they have not been swapped.

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