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Beware - Phishing Scam Email! [Expired]
Posted by Cuan Akal on 28 March 2012 10:29 AM

Please be aware that another scam email for car sales is doing the rounds - currently vehicles being listed on Autotrader and similar sites.

It comes from the following email address: - this is NOT a bidorbuy email or valid bidorbuy email address!  So please be on the lookout!

Details below:


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:16 AM
Subject: bidorbuy BPP Programme Case ID # 873WKLAS72 ~ Africa's Largest Online Marketplace bidorbuy sent this message to Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from bidorbuy.
bidorbuy BPP Programme Case ID # 873WKLAS72

eBay Transaction confirmation
bidorbuy BPP Programme, Case ID # 873WKLAS721 between William Daverveld as the Seller, and Bxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, as the Buyer.
Please follow instructions to complete the transaction safely.

The bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme (BPP) provides protection for the Buyer of up to R100,000 against certain losses associated with some types of fraud like paying for a vehicle and never receive it, paying a refundable deposit and never receive it, paying for a vehicle, receive it but not being as agreed or described and more other situations specified in bidorbuy BPP Programme page.

You are automatically enrolled in the program, on your request, at no charge when you want to complete the purchase of an eligible vehicle.
There's no sign-up or registration necessary.

This e-mail is the confirmation that the transaction through bidorbuy BPP Programme started.
The transaction with this Seller is covered by bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme.

Item and transaction details

Item: Polo 1.6 Comfortline
Year: 2004
Kilometers: 88900
Price: R23,000.00 Buy It Now
Shipping: R0.00
Sales Tax: R0.00
Total: R23,000.00
Case ID #: 873WKLAS721
Invoice #: 29135/2012 (the payment Invoice will be sent separately along with payment instructions)
Invoice Date: 3/27/2012
Status: Transaction Started/Payment Pending
Inspection Period:
3-5 business days

Buyer details: xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
No xxxxxxxxxxx, East London
South Africa

Complete the transaction in 5 easy, secure and safe steps!
1. The Buyer agrees the steps, terms and conditions on this page and provides the requested information to bidorbuy BPP Center.

2. All information received will be reviewed and processed by bidorbuy BPP Center. bidorbuy BPP Center accepts the transaction and offers purchase protection to the Buyer. The Buyer receives the transaction confirmation and the payment Invoice along with payment instructions.
3. The Buyer follows instructions and sends the payment to bidorbuy BPP Center to the Agent designated for the transaction.
After the payment is cleared and verified by bidorbuy BPP Center, it will be secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. Payment being secured, the Seller is notified by bidorbuy BPP Center to ship the vehicle to the Buyer.The Seller has 3 (three) business day to start the shipping procedure. The Seller must ship the vehicle for inspection along with the certificate of title, signed bill of sale in the Buyer's name, all keys and all ownership documents. The vehicle must be delivered along with all documentation requested by the Buyer in order to allow him to change the registration in his name as soon as he will decide to accept it after the inspection period will be over.
If no shipping procedure is started, a full refund is immediately sent to the Buyer.
As soon as the shipping procedure will start, the Buyer should wait for the vehicle and documentation to be delivered.
4.The Buyer receives the vehicle and has 5-7 (five-seven) business days to inspect it. The inspection period will not begin until bidorbuy BPP Center has confirmed delivery of the vehicle by either Buyer’s or shipper’s notification.
5. After the inspection period is over, the Buyer must contact bidorbuy BPP Center with the result of the inspection of the vehicle.
If he refuses it a full refund is immediately sent to the Buyer if the reason that determined the Buyer to not keep the vehicle is found in the “Situations where an immediate refund will be sent to the Buyer” section on bidorbuy BPP Programme page.
The Seller will have the obligation to make all necessary arrangements in order to take the vehicle from the Buyer’s possession in maximum 3 (three) business days.
If the vehicle and documentation are as advertised, described and agreed, the Buyer should accept it. If the Buyer accepts the vehicle, the payment will be sent to the Seller within 3 (three) business days.

How to proceed from this moment?
Next step for the Buyer is to complete the payment to the designated bidorbuy BPP Center Agent.
The payment Invoice and payment instructions will be sent with a second e-mail from bidorbuy BPP Center.

Buy safely using bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme

Direct replying to this e-mail (preferable contact option as a higher quantity of information can be sent/received).

Thank you,
bidorbuy, Inc.
bidorbuy Financial Department

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