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How to Buy - Step 2: Bidding and Buying
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 16 November 2017 02:31 PM

There are three types of listings on bidorbuy: Buy Now items, Auctions and Classified ads. 

Buy Now

Buy Now items allow for instant buying at a fixed price. Look out for the blue Buy Now button indicating fixed price items.

Buy Now icon

Sellers may opt to allow buyers to make an offer by clicking the light-blue Make an Offer button. Read more about how to make an offer to a seller on bidorbuy.

Maker an Offer icon


An auction is a public sale in which the Seller specifies a starting price and optionally a reserve price for the item. Multiple Buyers can place sequential bids on the item and the Buyer that has the highest bid when the auction closes wins the auction. Sellers also set minimum bid increments and specify a start and end date for the auction. A Seller can also make multiple quantities available on an individual auction in which case there can be multiple winners.

Look out for the green Bid Now button indicating that the item is on auction on bidorbuy.

 bid now icon

To bid on an auction, buy an item at a fixed price, or make an offer, you need to be a registered user.


A 'Classified' on bidorbuy is just like an advertisement you would see in a local newspaper or magazine. At bidorbuy, you can read the 'Classified', get an indicative price and respond to the sale online. A response to a 'Classified' is not considered a legal obligation, it simply expresses a Buyer's interest and the transaction is completed via subsequent direct communication between the Buyer and the Seller. There are only a limited number of categories in which you can find a 'Classified' listing such as cars, properties and some services.

You can respond to a Classified by clicking on the 'Contact the Seller', which will lead you to a 'Response confirmation' page. Here, you can add a message to the Seller and confirm your shipping details. Once you've received the Seller's contact details, you can communicate directly with the Seller and complete the sale if you so choose.

Read Item Details

It is very important that you read the item details carefully to ensure you make an informed bid or purchase. At the top of the listing, you will see a thumbnail image of the item on the left. You can view a bigger image by clicking zoom.

In the top details section, be sure to check for how long the item is available, the item condition (new or second hand), and the quantity available. If the seller has listed an indicative market price, you will be able to see it here, as well as the percentage discount. In this section, you will also see the current bid and minimum bid increments for items on auction.

Reserve Price

When listing their items for auction, Sellers can optionally set a Reserve Price, which is the minimum price that they are willing to accept for the item. This amount is set before the auction starts and is never disclosed. In order to win an auction with a reserve price, your bid has to be equal to or higher than the reserve price. Reserve price auctions can be identified by the reserve icon (letter R in a blue cirle) and the message Reserve has not been met or Reserve has been met (as the case may be).

Seller Details

Remember to always look at the Seller Details on the top right and to check the Seller Ratings. Sellers who have a green tick next to their name are verified users and purchases from them are protected by our Buyer Protection Programme to a higher amount.

Make sure you look at the Seller's ratings, which indicate the experiences other Buyers have had when transacting with the Seller. You will find a Seller’s rating in brackets next to his/her bidorbuy username. An overall rating is calculated by adding all the positive and negative ratings together. A visual representation of the rating is also provided by means of stars. You may also click on Seller's user name to view the feedback left by Buyers.


If you wish to, you can share a listing in a number of ways: Google Plus, Pinterest, by email, through Twitter or by liking it on Facebook.

Warranty and Guarantee

The full details of the warranty and/ or guarantee are located in the Shipping & Payments section of the item.

You can easily locate items that include a Warranty or Guarantee by using this option in the Filter or Advanced Search.

Discrete Items

If an item is marked as discreet, it will have a D icon, located under the thumbnail image (top left). Discreet items mean that your user ID will not be associated with the item you are buying.

Community Watch

If you suspect a fraudulent listing, you are able to notify community watch who will investigate further. In order to report an item to community watch click the Report a problem link, located below the Seller details and above the description on every listing on bidorbuy.

Description Tab

The full listing details are located in the item description. Before you enter a bid, or buy a product on bidorbuy, always read the item description carefully to make sure you know exactly what you are buying or bidding on.

Shipping & Payment Tab

Take a look at the Shipping & Payment details before bidding on or buying an item on bidorbuy. Shipping costs are additional to the cost of the item and can be different for each Seller. Some Sellers have various shipping options and these charges must be added to your payment when completing the transaction. 

A payment method is the method by which you pay the Seller for the item and shipping. There are various payment options ranging from Internet Bank Transfers (EFT), Credit card payments. Payment options are seller dependent.

Questions and Answers

If the information you require is not provided on the item description page, you can always ask the Seller a question about a specific aspect of the item. You will be notified via email once your question has been answered. If other users have asked questions about the item then the Questions & Answers will appear at the bottom of the page.

To ask the Seller a question, click Ask a Question under Seller Details (at the top) or at the bottom of the page under Questions & Answers (the latter will be displayed only if there are already Questions & Answers for this item).

Seller Reviews

Take a look at Seller Reviews at the bottom of the listing. These are reviews about the Seller, and not necessarily about the item you are viewing. However, it is a good indication of the level of service and product quality that the seller in question sells, so it is worth reading buyer feedback.

Bid History

You can view the bidding history at the bottom of Auction listings.


Once you have carefully read the listing and wish to buy the item, you can easily do so by clicking Buy Now at the top or bottom of the listing. Clicking Buy Now will add the item to your Shopping Cart. You can then proceed with payment, or continue shopping for more items.


Once you've found an item that you would like to bid on you can enter your bid amount in the space provided and press the Bid Now button. You will see the minimum bid required in the box where you enter your bid amount.

When you've entered your bid amount, you will be taken to a confirmation page, where you can set an optional automatic bid limit and check the shipping charges.

The automatic bid feature bids on your behalf up to the maximum amount that you have specified. It will not necessarily increase your bid amount to the maximum amount you have specified, but only high enough to meet the current highest bid amount. This feature is very useful to prevent getting outbid in the last seconds of the auction before you are able to increase your bid. 

You will receive an email confirming your bid, and every time the automatic bid feature bids on your behalf if you chose this option. It is important to remember to refresh your page regularly to ensure you have the most up to date information regarding the bids being placed on the item.  Failure to do so, may result in you being outbid without realising it.  By constantly refreshing the page you are ensuring the information contained on the page is updated and current.

To refresh the page, either press the F5 button on your keyboard or click on the refresh button on your browser (usually indicated by 2 green arrows in a circular direction).

We have also added a refresh link next to the list of bidders at the bottom of the item page. Simply click on this link to get the latest bid information on your screen.


Step 1: Finding items >> Step 2: Bidding and buying >> Step 3: Completing the purchase >> Step 4: Rating the seller 

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