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How Do I Buy Something?
Posted by , Last modified by on 12 August 2011 12:19 PM

Step 1: Register

In order to buy on bidorbuy you will need to register. This is a quick and easy process.

Step 2: Find an item

Search for your item using or browse the product categories and sub-categories to it.

Step 3: Read the item description

Once you have found your item, click on the title to reach the 'Item' page. Read this page carefully. Take note of the item, transaction and Seller's details. Know the 'Warranties', 'Guarantees', 'Payment Methods' offered and the 'Shipping Charges'.

Step 4: Place your order or place a bid

Click ob the Buy now or Bid now button to place your order or your bid.

Step 5: Review and submit your order or your bid

  • Auctions: If you win an auction, proceed to complete your order and to make payment. Make sure to check your delivery details.
  • Buy-nows: When you are ready, proceed to the checkout and make payment. Make sure to check your delivery details.
  • Classifieds: After you respond to a classified listing, you will be able to contact the seller and arrange the transcation off the bidorbuy site.

Note: Please remember to keep proof of your payments, such as proof of payment from your bank.