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How Do I Buy Something?
Posted by , Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 11 December 2017 01:19 PM

Step 1: Create a bidorbuy Account

In order to buy you will first need to register. This is a quick and easy process and should take you no longer than 60 seconds to complete. After registering you will need to enable your account by clicking on a link in an email we send you before you can log in.

Step 2: Find an Item

Search for your item using the 'Keyword Search' box or 'Advanced Search' link, or browse the categories and sub-categories to find your item. You can activate a list of items in their category by clicking on the 'Category map' link.

Step 3: Read the Item Description

Once you have found your item, click on the title to reach the 'Item' page. Read this page carefully. Take note of the item, transaction and Seller's details. Know the 'Warranties', 'Guarantees', 'Payment Methods' offered and the 'Shipping Charges'.

Step 4: Place And Confirm Your Order / Bid

Once you have read the 'Item Page', click on 'Buy Now' or 'Bid Now' to place your order/bid. If you have not logged in yet, you will be prompted to do so at this point. Select the 'Payment Method', specify the 'Shipping Details' and confirm your order/bid.

Note: If you have not given your contact details when you registered, you will be asked to do so before the 'Order/Bid Confirmation'.

Step 5: Review And Submit Your Order/Bid

Post Ordering Process

  • 'Auctions': Once you have placed your bid, you will be informed of this bid by e-mail. If another user outbids you, you will also receive an email informing you of this. If you wish, you may bid higher on the same item. If you win the auction, you will also receive an email displaying the 'Pay Now' button. Click on this button to select the 'Payment Method' and specify the 'Shipping Details'. Once you have chosen how you will pay, contact the Seller, if required, and arrange for the delivery.
  • 'Buy Now': Once you have placed your order, you will receive the order and Seller's details via email. Once you have chosen a 'Payment Method', contact the Seller, if required, and arrange for shipping of the purchase.
  • 'Classifieds': Once you have responded to a 'Classified', you will receive the Seller's contact details via e-mail. The Seller will also receive an e-mail containing your response to the 'Classified', and your contact details. You should contact the Seller to complete the sale.

Note: Please remember to keep proof of your payments, such as proof of payment from your bank.