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Can I See the Items Before Buying?
Posted by , Last modified by bidorbuy Admin on 26 August 2011 01:13 PM

bidorbuy provides an online marketplace where items are listed for sale. As such all sales and transactions take place online via the bidorbuy website. Unfortunately we do not allow items to be viewed before bidding or buying takes place for a number of reasons (seller location, security risks, logistical issues etc.). The Seller will generally list an item with images and a description. Most Sellers will include additional pictures and text in the description field outlining the product or item features, specifications and condition.

For the purposes of item clarification, we do allow limited contact via the Q&A facility on the item page. Interested Buyers or bidders may ask the Seller additional questions relating to the listing. For example: terms of sale, technical information, shipping costs etc. We do not allow personal details or contact information to be included in the Q&A section. If you are not sure about the item and have questions, we strongly recommend that you use the Q&A facility to communicate with the Seller.

It is important to view the images and read the description properly, including payment and shipping options before purchasing or bidding on an item. Once you have placed a bid on an item or click on the Buy Now button, it becomes binding. It is also strongly recommended that you review the Seller's ratings before deciding whether to make a purchase from that Seller. If you are uncertain about purchasing the item or bidding on it, we always suggest that you do not place a bid or purchase the item.