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How to Buy - Step 1: Finding Items
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 16 November 2017 02:14 PM

There are a number of ways to find products on bidorbuy: by searching, using an advanced search, filtering, sorting or simply browsing through the various categories.


There is a prominent search bar at the top of every page on bidorbuy. To conduct a quick search, type in the relevant keywords and click "Search".

As you start to type your search term you will notice some search suggestions display in a drop-down below the search box. These are based on the most popular searches others have searched for recently. By selecting one of these options you can save yourself having to type out your entire search term.

Advanced Search

If you have a specific product or a specific seller in mind, you can use the additional search options by clicking on the arrow next to the blue Search button to get this drop-down menu:

advanced search

  • Advanced Search: allows you enter details like price, type of listing, item condition and warranty options.
  • Search for Sellers: Use this search if you are trying to locate a specific Seller on bidorbuy.
  • Popular Searches: View the most searched terms on bidorbuy.

Browse by Category

You can browse items on bidorbuy within a specific category. Use the "All Categories" drop-down in the top orange bar to access all the bidorbuy Categories. Select the category name and you will be directed to that category to start your browsing.

Once you are in the Category, you can navigate further to sub-categories by using the left hand navigation bar. The number indicated in brackets next to a category represents the total number of items in that particular category.


Use the Filter option to further narrow the results. Filter by condition (new or secondhand), payment, location, price, or waranty and guarantee. To filter by price, either use the quick links by selecting the amount you would like to filter items by (for example, up to R100) or type in the actual price range you would like to filter the results by and select "Go".


As you add filters, the search results will be refined. To undo a filter you have set, simply clear the filter you would like to remove.

To reset all the filters, click "clear all filters" at the top of the screen.

Filtering by Auction, Buy Now or Classified

At the top of all search results and category pages, there are four tabs to easily allow you to filter the results by the type of sale (Auction, Buy Now or Classified). The default setting shows All items.

Search within results

Another way to refine your search results is to use the "search within results" feature located at the top of all category page listings.


You can order results by using the sort drop-down at the top right of the search results page and category page listings. Sort by Ending Soon, What's New, Lowest Price or Hot Selling Items.



The View function gives you the control of viewing the items as a list or in picture view.

  • List view: each item appears in its own row
  • Picture view: items appear four in a row with the image at the top


If you like an item you can easily save it into your watchlist by clicking the watchlist button. You need to login (or register) before you can use this feature.

Once you have added an item to your watchlist, the blue plus sign before the watchlist button will change to a red subtract sign. To remove an item from your Watchlist,  click the "minus" Watchlist button.

To view your watchlist, click the Watchlist button at the top of the page between the Search bar and the Shopping Cart button.


Step 1: Finding items >> Step 2: Bidding and buying >> Step 3: Completing the purchase >> Step 4: Rating the seller

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