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How Do I Advertise on Snap Friday?
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 26 August 2015 10:33 AM

A Snap Friday Paid Promotion is an Auction item charged at R5 per listing that opens between 9am and closes on or before 2pm on a Friday for all items that start with R1 no reserve and for items not listed in the X- Rated Adult Material category. bidorbuy will then promote your item on a Friday through the Home Page, Snap Friday Page and may also appear in newsletters sent to thousands of subscribers to ensure traffic and better sales prices for items listed as Snap Friday Paid Promotions.

To have your items appear on the Snap Friday Page you will need to ensure:

  • A Paid Promotional Listing must be selected (R5 per Listing) when you create your listing.
  • Your item must start and end between 9am and 2pm on a Friday.
  • Your item must be a Crazy Auction starting at R1, with No Reserve).

View the Snap Friday Paid Promotion Page. Note that your items may not appear right away on this page, but should do so after five minutes as this page gets regenerated by the system.

Please remember, if your item only sells for R1, you have to sell it at that price; you may not refuse to honour the transaction, nor delete or cancel the listing if your item does not go higher than R1 or it does not get the price you were hoping for.