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How Do I Load Images on a Listing?
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by on 12 August 2011 12:06 PM

Creating Thumbnail Images

You will need to load a thumbnail image first - this image is the small image that you will see in search results and listing views.

Always include an image that depicts your item accurately. To upload an image located on your computer:

  1. Click on the 'Upload Item Image' button.
  2. Click on the 'Browse' button in the popup to select the file.
  3. Click on the 'Upload' button in the popup to upload the selected file.
  4. Or enter the file path name/URL of where the image is located
  5. Or browse your image Gallery.

Tip: You can also search the Internet for an 'Item Image' by clicking on the link provided below the 'Upload Item Image' button. If the image of your item is on the Internet: Save the image by right clicking on it and clicking on 'Save Picture As' Then follow the above steps to upload the image for your listing. Please ensure you have the necessary legal right and permission to use these images.

Note: Your item image must be either in JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) format only. If your image is greater than 50 KB in size then the bidorbuy system will attempt to resize it, which could change its dimensions (this is to ensure speedy page load times for your prospective Buyers).

The minimum information required to create a listing is the title, description, listing duration and some pricing information. However, in order to ensure success, it is strongly recommended to add a detailed description that is as rich and professional as possible including images of the product being sold.

Adding Images to the Description Box

In order to add an image in the description box, please click on the Insert/Edit Image icon  on the HTML Editor.

Click Browse to select the image files you have stored on your PC/Camera, once the image is located please click the Upload button to upload the selected file/s. You will be able to see your image in the preview box. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the box for the image to be added to the description box (depending on your screen resolution, this button may not always be visible, so in order to add the image, simply press your Enter key).

Should you wish to add multiple images, simply repeat the above process.


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