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How Long Will It Take for My Items to Be Sold?
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by bidorbuy Admin on 22 August 2011 11:23 AM

This is very much dependant on your listing and the type of item you are selling, including the description, images or photo's used and the selling price. It may also depend on the type of product being sold. For example, consumer electronic goods will generally sell faster than antique collectible goods. It is vital that your listing is accurate in terms of the description, attractive in terms of the layout and overall appearance. The use of images or photos will also help to sell your item. Listings can be open for a few hours, days or several weeks (auctions a maximum of 21 days, whilst Classifieds can be open for 32 days maximum).

Popular items can have shorter durations whilst larger, more expensive items would probably require longer durations, maybe weeks before they are sold. Remember, a Buy Now item can be bought immediately, whereas an Auction will have a pre-defined opening and closing time and may end some time after a bid has been placed. If you are not sure or do not have any idea on how long to leave your listing open for, have a look at other Sellers selling the same or similar items, this can guide you when you decide to list your items.