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The Rating System
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by Johan Du Toit on 14 December 2017 09:11 AM


bidorbuy encourages users to rate one another based on experiences whilst transacting. Buyers should rate sellers based on seller service, communication, delivery and product quality. Sellers should rate buyers depending on promptness of payment and the supply of accurate information regarding the shipment of orders. There are three kinds of ratings: Positive, Neutral and Negative. Ratings cannot be given to a user after 3 months.

Checking bidorbuy users' ratings will assist you in making an informed decision about buying or selling from a particular user. Through the rating system, you are guarded against buyers or sellers who may have a bad transaction history.

Following are the various ratings bands currently in use:

Rating Score Icon
 Under 10  None
 10 - 49  
 50 - 99  
 100 - 499  
 500 - 999  
 1000 - 4999  
Rating Score Icon
 5000 - 9999  
 10000 - 14999  
 15000 - 19999  
 20000 - 29999  
 30000 - 39999  
 40000 and over  


How to Rate Another User?

You can rate the users you transact with in the My bidorbuy section.
Please remember that you can rate another user only if you have transacted with him/her on bidorbuy.

How to View Other Users' Ratings?

The rating score for a user, shown next to the user's bidorbuy username is calculated by adding the positive and negative ratings together. For example, if a user has a rating of 46 positive, 3 neutral and 1 negative, then the overall rating is +46 -1 = 45. A visual interpretation of the rating score is also indicated by a number of stars together with a percentage indicating the total percentage of positive ratings. 

To check a user's ratings, click on his/her bidorbuy username. This will lead you to the user's profile giving you an account of all the selling and buying activity undertaken by him/her on bidorbuy.

How to View Your Own Ratings?

Your ratings are shown next to your bidorbuy username in the My bidorbuy section.

Rating Rules
  1. The rating criteria for buyers:  
    • You can edit a seller rating only within 3 months of purchase.
    • You cannot rate a seller if he/she has filed an SNC against you.
    • If you file an 'Appeal' to an SNC, bidorbuy will assess the situation fairly. The SNC outcome will depend on bidorbuy's decision and accordingly your ability to rate will change.
  2. The rating criteria for sellers:
    • You can edit a buyer rating only within 3 months of purchase.
  3. You cannot abuse the rating system, which includes:  
    • The use of a friends' account or creating a secondary account for yourself in order to raise your own rating or lower the rating of another user.
    • Threatening, abusive, racially vilifying, discriminatory or profane language. A user can instigate legal proceedings and you will be held liable for your comment.
  4. bidorbuy reserves the right to delete any rating  
    • bidorbuy reserves the right to delete any rating at its sole discretion following an investigation of the rating.
    • However, the ratings system promotes freedom of speech on bidorbuy. Users are encouraged to rate one another with respect. Therefore ratings are only deleted in exceptional circumstances.
  5. bidorbuy reserves the right to disable (suspend) and reactivate a bidorbuy user based on the positive rating score of the user as a buyer or seller.

    We would like to promote and preserve free speech and therefore will remove feedback only in exceptional circumstances. bidorbuy reserves the right to delete any rating at its sole discretion upon an investigation into the rating (although we are not obliged to do so). If you feel that you have received an unfair rating or you have evidence of any abuse of the Rating System, please contact us on and we will investigate the matter. Please note that this investigation may take several weeks.

    Circumstances where bidorbuy may delete a rating include, but are not limited to:

    • bidorbuy reserves the right to disable (suspend) any bidorbuy account if a user has less than 75% positive ratings.
    • bidorbuy may also caution buyers transacting with sellers who have been suspended.
    • An account may be reactivated based on an increase in positive ratings, or payment of fees due.
    • if the rating contains any links to other pages or images or contains information not related to interacting with the user on bidorbuy in accordance with the Rating Criteria
    • if the rating contains adult material or profane, abusive, racially vilifying, discriminatory or threatening language
    • if we are required by law to do so.

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