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What does account restricted or disabled mean?
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by Johan Du Toit on 15 August 2017 02:52 PM

bidorbuy user accounts  has various status levels that include - Enabled, Restricted, Disabled and Blacklisted. 

If an account is disabled or restricted this could be due to various reasons, for example - awaiting confirmation of personal details, policy contraventions and violations, abuse of the system, service or delivery related issues etc. 

When an account is disabled the user cannot access their bidorbuy account, but if they are a seller, their open listings will continue to run as normal. They will still receive email notifications from bidorbuy relating to items bought or sold, or activity on their items listed or bid on.

If the account is restricted, this means the user has access to their account, can view all orders, sales and purchases, but cannot list items for sale or may have limited functionality when trying to request payouts and filing SNC's.

Blacklisted generally means that the user's account has been closed for a variety of reasons. They could have failed to pay their fees, service or non-fulfillment issues, increase in negative ratings and SNC's, fraud related issues, abuse of the system or continued violation of the bidorbuy terms of use and listing policy. The user will not have access to their account, they will not receive any further email notifications from bidorbuy and if they are a seller, all their open items will be removed and all bids deleted.

For security and privacy reasons we do not divulge the exact reason why an account has been disabled or blacklisted, unless fraud has taken place, then we notify the buyers as soon as the account has been blacklisted.  We always recommend that buyers proceed with caution when dealing with blacklisted sellers.

Note, blacklisted (in the context of bidorbuy) does not mean blacklisted with the credit bureau's. It means the account has been closed on the bidorbuy site.