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HTTPS Images Requirement
Posted by , Last modified by on 16 February 2017 10:53 AM

This article is for all sellers who upload external images into their bidorbuy listings:

  • Trade feed sellers;
  • Sellers who use bulk uploads; and
  • Sellers who use images uploaded on their own or some other website.

In an effort to improve online security and boost search engine rankings, bidorbuy will move to HTTPS from June 2017.

For all sellers who use external image URLs in their bidorbuy listings, this means that they need to make sure those images have the https:// prefix. As from June 2017, trade feeds that provide non-HTTPS references and bulk-uploaders with third-party non-HTTPS image links will be disabled.

Sellers who list items one by one are advised to save images on their device and upload them into their listings through bidorbuy. This ensures that the images will be with the https:// prefix.

Trade feed and bulk upload sellers are advised to obtain an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate in order to enable HTTPS on their website. We recommend making use of Let’s Encrypt. It is a free, automated and open Certificate Authority. You should be able to get this or similar credible SSL certificate through the company that hosts your website.

Also, note that HTTPS pages will have a boost in major search engines and will be shown to users by default. That means that you need to ensure you have implemented security certificates properly in order to provide the best possible experience for visitors to your website and in order retain or even improve your search engine position.

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