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What is Discreet Item?
Posted by bidorbuy Marketing on 23 October 2014 01:46 PM

'Discreet Item' is a great tool for Sellers who wish to list items for Buyers who wish to be discreet about their identity. When the 'Auction' or 'Buy Now' listing ends, only the Seller will know who bought/bid on the item.

These items can be identified by the following icon: Discreet Item across the site. When you use 'Discreet Item', your bidders'/buyers' user IDs will not be displayed throughout the site. Items can be made 'Discreet' in various situations, such as when 'Adult Items' are listed, which could be embarrassing for buyers or bidders. You may use 'Discreet' listings for 'Auctions' as well as 'Buy Now' items.

Currently there is no charge to use this feature.