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Manage Your Sales - Sales Administration
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by bidorbuy Admin on 30 August 2011 08:49 AM

The Selling Tab of the 'My bidorbuy' page contains all the information related to your selling activity on bidorbuy. 'My bidorbuy' remembers every item you have listed and every sale you have made. It reminds you if there are buyers waiting for ratings. It keeps note of all the questions you have been asked, all the questions you answered, and the questions still awaiting responses. To access My bidorbuy, click on the link at the top of the site to login and select the 'Selling' tab. 

In the 'Selling' section, you are able to update your account details and change your email address. (You will need to reactivate your account after changing your email address). The left hand side is reserved for managing your presence on bidorbuy: listing your items, setting your payment options and shipping charges.

In 'Sell items', you list your merchandise for sale by selecting one of the standard bidorbuy formats: Auction, Buy Now or Classified. Use the personal offer link when you want to invite a runner up bidder of one of your auctions to buy the item in question at the price they bid. Personal offers can also be used to make a personal offer to bidders in an unsuccessful auction i.e. an auction that failed to reach your reserve price. The Sell a car link takes you to the car section of bidorbuy, where you can list your car in the Classified format. 

Copy sample items allows you to quickly list new products for sale by using one of the samples created by bidorbuy. Bulk uploads link allows you to upload several items at a time with the help of a CSV file (a CSV file is a special type of file that can be created using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel). 

The Sales Support section takes care of the details of your listing. Here you can upload images – one by one or several at a time, set your payment options and shipping charges, and enter prompts which will enable the Buyers to select a specific variant of the product you are selling. 

TIP: It is advisable to formulate your payment options and shipping charges in advance, in the 'My bidorbuy' view. That will save you time while listing the actual item and allow you to concentrate on the item itself. 

In the Fee management section you can:

  • Access and update your bank or credit card details from which bidorbuy fees are debited in the Fee payment method.
  • Pay bidorbuy fees manually if there were problems with debiting your account in the Fee Account payment.
  • See your account details for the current month, within a date range, and fees paid for the previous months in Fee account history.
  • Open and print Fee invoices.
  • View Fee rates.
  • Access the bobPay payments you received and made.

The central part of the 'My bidorbuy' Selling tab gives you the cross-section of your selling endeavours on bidorbuy. Arranged by format (Auctions, Buy Now's, Personal Offers and Classifieds) are the listings which are closing soon, open, open with bids, and the listings you created for a future date (not yet open). Here you may also review your unsuccessful Auctions and make personal offers. Underneath are the links to your unsuccessful listings, the closed listing history and deleted listings. 

In this section you may also search for items by the item ID number, by a word in the title and by the Seller's product code. Underneath is the link to your yet unanswered questions the Buyers asked you and the link to all the questions you have been asked. At the end of the central panel are all the ratings you received during the past month, during the last three months and during your entire bidorbuy career

At the bottom of the central panel is a link listing all the Buyers you have blocked. Blocked Buyers are unable to buy from you in the future.

The right hand side is devoted to the sales summary. Here you have links to the list of items you sold today, in the past week and in the past month, arranged by the selling method – Auction, Buy Now and Personal Offer. You may also access the page with all your sales and search for the items you sold by item or order ID, a word in the title, Seller's product code and the Buyer's name or email. 

The Pending credit card payments link is for the Seller's acceptance of bobPay Credit Card paymentsRecent Buyers requiring ratings are those Buyers who still require a rating. If you have listed items in the Classified section, you can find the responses in the Responses to Classified Ads section. 

From the Sale Not Complete (SNC) section you can file an SNC and review the status of the pending SNCs, as well as access the list of the completed ones. The SNC mechanism provided by bidorbuy enables Sellers to claim back success fees on items where the Buyer has reneged on a transaction.


bidorbuy provides comprehensive reporting functionality within 'My bidorbuy'. These reports will provide you with valuable information in accessing what products sold when and for how much; allowing you to analyse your business with regards to what works and what doesn't. Among the most useful data you have at your disposal is the number of visitors to your listings. Use this information to guide your listing strategies. 

TIP: You can save the results of the reports as an HTML file and then open this HTML file in Excel where you will be able to use it as a normal spreadsheet or alternatively highlight the information in your browser and copy and past it into Excel.

Your profile on bidorbuy

Your bidorbuy profile page is your public front. By clicking on your user name – in an item listing or after doing a search – everyone can see what kind of Seller you are. In the box on the left are your username, your ratings in the short-hand form of the stars and the date when you joined bidorbuy. The visitors can also see the items you are currently selling. There are links to the items you have sold recently, as well as to the ratings you gave and received. By clicking on the ratings links, the visitor can read the full feedback.

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