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How to Sell - Step 4: Buyer Completes the Purchase
Posted by bidorbuy Technical, Last modified by bidorbuy Technical on 21 May 2014 02:18 PM

Once the bidder has won the auction (auction has closed and they are the highest bidder), or the buyer has bought an item via a Buy Now, the buyer must complete the order.

Auctions - The winning bidder will be notified via email and asked to complete the transaction, your contact details, payment and shipping information will also be included in the email. It is then up to the winning bidder to make payment and complete the transaction.

Buy Nows - The buyer, once they have placed the order, should follow the Check Out process to complete the transaction. They will be asked to select a payment method, shipping option and confirm their order (and make payment via the payment methods you offer). You will be notified via email that an order has been placed.

To view the orders or sales (under Selling):


Click on the links provided to view sales/orders for a specific time period (Past 2 days, Past Week, Past Month or All Sales). You will be presented with your order and buyer details.

Please note - the bidorbuy Success Fees are automatically charged when a Buy Now order is placed or at the close of the auction if there is a winning bidder and debited to your bidorbuy account.


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