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How to Sell - Step 3: Buyers Place Bids or Buy Using Buy Now
Posted by bidorbuy Technical, Last modified by bidorbuy Admin on 21 May 2014 02:08 PM

Now that you have created your listing and it is "live" on the bidorbuy website, potential bidders and buyers will either search for items or browse through the categories to find items they are interested in. Interested buyers or bidders may also ask you questions about your product or listing using the Q&A facility located on the item listing page. You will be alerted to any questions being asked via an email. It's important to respond to questions promptly and as detailed as possible as this may increase the likelihood of someone bidding or buying your item. Please remember no contact details are permitted in the Q&A.

You will be notified via email if a bid is placed, when a buyer places a Buy Now order and when there is a winner on an auction. You can then log into the My bidorbuy area to view your bids/Buy Nows and sales (under the Selling tab) and click on the links that you wish to view.

Seller View:

Any link that is highlighted in Red means it requires some action from you or is a recent update to your Sales page.

Viewing bids/Buy Nows (under Listings):

Viewing your Sales and orders (Under Sales):

Answering Questions from Buyers:


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