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How to Sell - Step 2: Create a Listing
Posted by bidorbuy Technical, Last modified by Johan Du Toit on 11 July 2018 12:11 PM


Once you have registered as a seller (Basic or Advanced), you will be presented with options to create a listing - Auction, Buy Now, Classified, Sell a Car and Sell a Property. Select the format you wish to use. Alternatively you can simply clickon the Sell link on the top grey navigation bar.

This will direct you to the Selling area in "My bidorbuy". You will see the formats listed under the Sell Items area, simply select the format you wish to use. You will notice the Selling tab will be highlighted to show that you are in your Selling area of your account.

list an item on bidorbuy

It is important to take care in creating a detailed and accurate listing. If you have not done so already it is advisable to set up your payment options and shipping charges before creating your listings.

Please note that fields with a red star next to the field name on the listing forms are required fields.

Select a Category

It is important to select an appropriate category for your item. If you are unsure, search for similar items on the site and look what category they are listed in. You are able to choose the appropriate category from the list of categories. Once you have selected a category, the relevant sub-categories will appear. Please note, if you list a Classified, there are limited categories available to list in.

Item General Details

Enter a title briefly describing the item. Always ensure the title is relevant, accurate and truthful.

Select the relevant condition of the item to inform buyers whether the item is new, secondhand or refurbished.

The Sellers Product Code is an optional field if you would like to enter a code to help you easily identify this item.

Select Discreet Listing if you do not want buyers' or bidders' user names revealed. Read more about Discreet items here.

how to list an item on bidorbuy

Set Pricing and Quantity

Depending on the listing format (Auction, Buy Now or Classified) some pricing information is required. For auctions it is recommended in most cases to set a starting price at the minimum you are willing to receive for the item (rather than setting the optional (reserve price). The bid increment is also a required field for Auctions and should be set at about 5% of the price you expect to receive for the item. For Auctions and Buy Now's you can optionally include a market price if you would like to give Buyers an indication of their potential savings.

Most listings will have a quantity of 1. You can however set multiple quantities if you have the stock available. Bear in mind that for auctions it would normally not make sense to list a large quantity as an auction with a quantity of 100 for example could potentially require 101 bids before the price would start to go up. Multiple quantity auctions are therefore better suited to Buy Now's.

The minimum quantity per Buyer is rarely set to anything other than 1. It can however be used in certain situations such as in the wine industry where it is the norm to sell wine on a per bottle basis but requiring for example at least one case of wine to be bought per Buyer. If for example you had 4 cases of wine to sell with each case consisting of 12 bottles of wine and you wanted each Buyer to buy at least one case you would set the quantity to 48 (4 cases) and the minimum quantity per Buyer to 12.

Bidding would now be priced per bottle and each Buyer would be required to buy at least one case.

Thumbnail Image

Always include an image that depicts your item accurately. To upload an image located on your computer:

  1. Click on the 'Upload a Thumbail' button.

  2. Click on the 'Add image' button and browse your computer for the relevant file

To browse your image gallery on bidorbuy, or to use a link URL - click on the arrow drop-down next to the 'Upbload a Thumbnail' button.

Tip: We recommend that you use images of the actual item you are selling, particularly if the item is second-hand or refurbished.

If you use stock images, we advise that you search the internet for royalty-free images. To save an image from the internet, right click and save the image on your computer. Then upload it by finding the saved image on your computer.

Your images must be either in JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) format.
As from June 2017, all image URLs must be HTTPS. Please read more here.

The restrictions:

- Max size per uploaded image 3MB

- We will downscale the image to 75% quality and max 500px width if the uploaded image is bigger than 50KB

This is to ensure speedy page load times for your prospective buyers.

The minimum information required to create a listing is the title, description, listing duration and some pricing information. However, in order to ensure success, it is strongly recommended to add a detailed description that is as rich and professional as possible including images of the product being sold.


An editor is provided in order to make it easy to create professional looking descriptions for your items being sold. Multiple images can be uploaded into your description using the Upload Image button. Use the editor like you would any word processor.

An overview of the HTML editor functions is shown below:




What it Does

Upload or insert your own or other's images into the HTML page.

Preview what the HTML page will look like for users.

Select a layout template. See "Templates" for details.

Cut the highlighted text to the clipboard.

Copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.

Paste the text you copied (with or without formatting).

Copy content from Microsoft Word, then paste it into the HTML editor using the pop-up accessed from this icon.

View or edit document source code (for advanced users that understand HTML).

Undo or redo the most recent action taken.

Bolditalic, underscore or strikethrough highlighted text.

Change the colour of the highlighted text.

Change the background colour behind the highlighted text.

Add numbering or bullets to highlighted text lines.

Increase or decrease the highlighted text's indentation.

Alignment of highlighted text (left, centred, right, justified).

Add or remove hyperlink from highlighted text. Also used to manage file uploads and links to files on the web server.

Insert table. Number of columns or rows, and table width, height, borders, & alignment can also be set.

Styles & formatting determine the appearance of HTML text. You may also use the drop down boxes to style specific elements (such as headings), or set overrides for font face, font size, etc. To remove the applied style select the style name again.

Warranty & Guarantee Options

It is recommended to offer warranties and guarantees to your Buyers as far as possible. Even if this is only limited in nature it will provide an additional level of trust and security for your Buyers and will also result in the warranty and guarantee icons showing on your listing.

Shipping Charges

A Seller sets shipping and other charges such as insurance. The shipping charge is the amount you charge Buyers to ship the item to them.

If you intend to sell a lot of items, we advise that you set up shipping charges in your 'My bidorbuy' section under the 'Selling' tab prior to listing your items. Once you have set up your shipping charges, these will appear on all your future listings for you to re-use. View the shipping charges help for a comprehensive guide to setting up your shipping charges. When creating a listing, simply select one of the shipping product classes you have created from the drop-down menu. The selected shipping option will appear in your item listing, under the 'Shipping and Charges' section. To get going you may want to set up just one default set of shipping charges, which will apply to all your items listed.

If you are only selling one item or a few items, then you can easily set up shipping while you are listing your item, using the 'Shipping Quick Create'

Follow the steps to set up shipping on your item:

  • Choose the shipping method (pick up, postal service or courier service)

Set the insurance rate (we highly recommend that you always include insurance on shipping your items)

  • Set the minimum sale for free shipping. Leave as 0 to ensure shipping is always charged for any order value.

Set the shipping charges as well as the charges to ship additional items to the same buyer

Once you have set up the shipping charges they appear under 'Shipping Charges'

Setting Up Payment Options

Basic Sellers are only able to accept payment through bobpay EFT.

Advanced Sellers can choose the payment methods that you will accept from Buyers. You only need to set up your payment options once and they will then automatically apply to all your listings. View the payment options help for a comprehensive guide to setting up your payment options.

Tip: You may set your payment options in advance, before you list your first item for sale. Click on the Selling tab in 'My bidorbuy'. Find the Payment Options link in the Sales management section. Select the check boxes next to payment methods of your choice and fill in the required details. Click on 'Update payment options' button.

You may set up your payment options while you are creating your listing, by clicking 'Create your Payment Options'.

Optional Enhancements

In order to use Enhanced Listings you need to be an Advanced Seller (however, Basic Sellers who list Classified Adverts may enhance the listings but will be billed up front for the fees and will be payable via credit card before the listing is loaded). Enhanced Listings allow you to get additional exposure for your items by having them feature more prominently on the website. View all the Enhanced Listing options available. Fees Apply, please view the Fee Rate Card.

enhance your listing on bidorbuy

Listing Duration

You will need to select an opening and closing date and time for your listing. Auctions on bidorbuy can not last more than 21 days whereas Buy Now's and Classifieds can be listed for up to 32 days. Sellers usually list their items on Auctions for three to seven days.

Longer Auctions make little sense, because experience has shown that most Auctions get bidding activity only in the last few hours.

However, it is a good idea to list rare and high-value items for longer, in order to give more people a chance to see them. Automatic extension If this option is checked, your Auction will extend for a few minutes every time there are last minute bids. Since Sellers usually want to have the auto extension, this is selected by default. If you do not want your auction to extend automatically with last minute bids, click the box to de-select this option.

Automatic Relisting

If you have five identical items and would rather sell them one by one, select the 're-list the original quantity' option from the Automatic re-listing drop-down menu (the original quantity in this case being one). The re-list original quantity option is also useful when you are listing small items to be sold in a specific quantity. You may, for example, have 250 beads and want to sell them in fifties.

Rather than stating the minimum quantity of 50 and the available quantity of 250, opt to re-list the 50 beads five times. Automatic re-listing can work for you if you decided to put up several identical items in a single listing (this is something we do not recommend for most items). Provided you make the appropriate selection (re-list items not sold), the system will re-list only the quantity that did not get sold. Finally, even if you sell only unique items, you may sometimes want to rely on automatic re-listing. After all, if you have listed a hundred or so different unique items, it may be a bit of a handful to open each and every one that did not find a Buyer in order to re-list it.

Again, if you make the appropriate selection (re-list items not sold), the system will re-list only the items that did not get sold. In order to have your unsold item automatically re-listed under the same conditions as the first time, select one of the following options from the drop-down list:

  • Re-list what is not sold the next day. (The item will be re-listed the next day, showing the quantity of items that have not been sold.)

  • Re-list what is not sold. (The item will be re-listed within several days, showing the quantity of items that have not been sold.)

  • Re-list the original quantity the next day. (The item will be re-listed the next day with the original quantity as a new listing, even if some or all of the items have been sold.)

  • Re-list the original quantity. (The item will be re-listed with the original quantity as a new listing, even if some or all of the items have been sold.)

In the Re-list count drop-down menu, choose how many times you want to re-list your item. You may re-list up to ten times.

Whichever automatic re-listing you select, bear in mind that everything (except the quantity in case you opted to re-list unsold items) remains the same – including the
Enhanced Listings. With the consequence that your monthly bidorbuy fees can be higher than you may have expected.

Creating Prompts

Prompts are an Advanced Seller tool that can be used to up sell or obtain additional information from Buyers when they complete an order on the bidorbuy website. Sellers can configure prompts to optionally add additional charges to the total order amount should a Buyer select a particular prompt option. The ways in which prompts can be used is virtually endless however following are a few examples:

  • Asking (prompting) the Buyer whether they would like their item packaged in a gift box.

  • Offering the Buyer additional ink cartridges with a printer purchase.

  • Requiring the Buyer to select a t-shirt size e.g. small, medium or large.

  • Finding out some additional information from a Buyer e.g. a note to the receiver if the item is a gift.

Creating the Listing

After you have filled in everything and set up your listing, the final step is to create the listing, simply click on the green "Create Listing" button, you will be directed to a confirmation page which will outline fees and the details of your listing.

Reviewing and Saving the Listing

You will be able to review your listing details and fees charged (if any), if you are happy with the listing and fees charged, tick the "I Accept the Terms" box, and click on the green "Save Listing" button. Your listing will now be confirmed on the system. You can also preview the listing to see what it will look like (click the "Preview Listing" button) or edit the listing if you need to change something (click on "Edit Listing"). Remember to go back to the Review and Save page to save the listing onto the system.

Basic Sellers who have opted to enhance their listing or have listed a classified, will need to pay upfront and will need to click "Proceed with payment"

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