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8000 Character Limit in Description field
Posted by Thembisile Faith, Last modified by on 10 September 2013 10:22 AM

When creating your listing, you may get an error message as a result of having more than 8000 characters in the HTML of the Describe your item box. To see the HTML, click on Source.

The excess of code in the HTML is typically caused by copying and pasting from Word into the Describe your item area.

We recommend that you do not copy-paste your description from Word. Rather use Notepad, or an HTML editor. A free open-source HTML editor which we recommend is Bluefish. Build your item description in Bluefish and check that the HTML coding does not exceed 8000 characters. If it does, you will need to shorten your description until it conforms to the 8000 character limit.

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