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Why is bobPay Mandatory?
Posted by , Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 29 July 2014 09:53 AM

First off, buyers find it easier to make payment this way, and feel it provides more trust to the transaction, they feel more comfortable making payment to bidorbuy as opposed to a seller directly. It adds convenience, ease of payment and speed in clearing the payment for them. We are trying to make it easier and better for buyers to make payment and conclude their transactions. This does benefit you the seller, as the money clears a lot sooner and we can advise you that the funds have cleared as opposed to waiting up to 2 or 3 days for money to clear into your account. It also helps as they only have to create one beneficiary when making online payments on their side, as opposed to multiple beneficiaries, thus eliminating mistakes, errors and adding convenience.

We are also concentrating very heavily on mobile applications, and payment methods need to be easy to use and convenient for buyers to pay for their purchases, bobPay allows for this to happen easily and quickly for mobile users of the site.

We also introduced bobBucks vouchers to the system, linked in with bobPay, this in order for sellers to accept payments via vouchers and again, to make the payment easy and convenient for buyers. This has proven to be very popular with buyers and people wanting to use their credit cards where sellers do not offer credit card, as well as for gifts.

Finally, we write off loads of bad debt from sellers who do not pay their fees. This also allows us to recover fees instantly to offset any defaulting sellers. This is covered in our terms of use which all users agree to and are bound by.

We want the purchase and payment process to be as seamless and convenient for the buyer as possible. We realise this may cause some minor issues for sellers, however the benefits far outweigh these issues.