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The bidorbuy Listing Policy - the Do's and Don'ts
Posted by , Last modified by on 07 June 2012 10:21 AM

As a Seller on bidorbuy you need to ensure you have read and understood our Listing Policy, failure to comply or adhere to this policy may result in a wide range of actions being taken in the event the policy is contravened.

In order to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience for all users, bidorbuy has established a set of listing policies.

This Listing Policy is mentioned in clause 4.4.4 of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site and must be adhered to by all users:

1. The following policies apply to all listings and are strictly prohibited:

1.1. Misrepresentation of items including:
1.1.1 Creating titles and descriptions that do not accurately describe the item for sale.
1.1.2. Inappropriate use of brand names or other words for the purpose of attracting Buyers.
1.2.  Anything that attempts to circumvent paying bidorbuy fees (e.g. selling a list of prices, selling a catalogue, cross sell or up selling). This includes listing items with nominal amounts in order to circumvent paying bidorbuy fees, get contact details from the Buyer, and advertise items for free or to increase positive ratings. Nominal amounts include 1c, 10c, R1 or any value that bidorbuy deems to be nominal.

1.3. Listing an item that requires an additional purchase, swop or trade in.

1.4. Listing of items where the Seller is not physically in possession of the goods for sale (for example listing an item as a "pre-order" or where the seller's shipment has not yet arrived). This excludes Sellers operating on a "dropship" or consignment basis where the Seller has a proven track record and an established relationship with a supplier that ships directly to their Buyers. Permission needs to be obtained from bidorbuy and approval is entirely at the discretion of bidorbuy.

1.5. Listing of items soliciting entries for a competition or charitable donations, subject to the approval of bidorbuy.

1.6. Listing of items in inappropriate categories.

1.7. Listing of multiple items that are the same or similar items that could be listed as a single listing.

1.8. An offer to give away a product or service for free (including the option to subscribe to a mailing list).

1.9.  Bidding on your own items (including having friends, family or acquaintances bid on your items in an attempt to artificially inflate the price).

1.10. Including unreasonably high shipping costs in item listings (including insurances). bidorbuy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge a 5% penalty fee, calculated on the total shipping amount, for excessive shipping charges. bidorbuy may also either disable your account or remove your ability to sell products on its website for failure to comply with these terms.

1.11. Use of profanity or offensive language.

1.12. Specifically you may not list items that fit into the following categories:


Stolen goods;

1.12.2  Illegally imported goods;
1.12.3  Banned substances and pharmaceuticals that require a prescription according to South African law;
1.12.4   Pirated or counterfeit goods of any nature, including software, movies, music, clothing, replica watches or any item that would infringe on copyright or trademark laws;
1.12.5  Goods and services that could by nature be deemed to be harmful or dangerous, to persons or property either directly or indirectly;
1.12.6  Goods and services of which the sale or export would be in contravention of any law; and
1.12.7  Goods or services that according to bidorbuy's sole discretion may be deemed to be inappropriate for sale on this site.

1.13. No shipping or handling fees are to be charged on electronically distributed products.

1.14. Keyword spamming/inappropriate use of keywords in order to manipulate search results.

1.15. bidorbuy may at its sole discretion remove any items from the site for any reason whatsoever.

1.16. Listing abuse, manipulation and excessive listing on bidorbuy.

In order to create a fair and level playing field, and provide an enjoyable and safe experience for Buyers, Sellers may not manipulate or abuse the listing service to get items featured more regularly, prominently or spam the bidorbuy website with multiple product listings. This is entirely at the discretion of bidorbuy and will be monitored on a case by case basis.

This also includes but is not limited to: repeated multiple relistings with short durations, keyword spamming, spamming categories with multiple items (with the same or similar items), and listing in the wrong categories. Users found abusing the system will be given a warning first, thereafter, if this activity continues, the Seller will be charged an excess Listing Fee of R0.10 per listing on their listings over and above their free listing allowance. The free listing allowance will be calculated as the greater of:

  • 100 listings per week (calculated from Sunday to Saturday).
  • The maximum number of sales by the Seller in any one week period over the past 6 weeks multiplied by 5.

1.17. Listing of Nazi related items

The following may not be listed:

  • Items or memorabilia displaying Nazi / Nazi-related icons, emblems and symbols, including Nazi SS, 3rd Reich and swastika.
  • Items, documentation or any matter promoting violence, hatred, racial prejudice or religious contempt.

The following items may be listed:

  • German World War II memorabilia that does not exhibit emblems, symbols or icons referring to the Nazi's (as indicated above).
  • German stamps and coins produced during the World War II period.
  • Books and documentaries detailing world history and events revolving around the World War II time period (which may exhibit imagery referencing Nazi's, the Nazi SS or the swastika).

1.18. Listing of South African coins and notes that do not comply with the South African Reserve Bank Act 90 of 1989.

In particular, the following items are not allowed in the South African Coins And Notes category and users that list any such items will be guilty of an offence and could face possible imprisonment in terms of the South African Reserve Bank Act 90 of 1989:

  • Any coin or note of the South African Reserve Bank that has been forged, altered or unlawfully issued or any coin or note that purports to be from the South African Reserve Bank.
  • If a user without the authority of the South African Reserve Bank, engraves or makes upon any material whatsoever any words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices the print whereof resembles in whole or in part any words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices peculiar to and used in or upon any note of the South African Reserve Bank or any coin which is legal tender and then lists that item on the bidorbuy website.
  • Listing images of South African currency that does not have the words “Image - Not legal tender” printed diagonally across the image.

Please refer to the specific requirements for listing South African Coins and Notes.

1.19. Sellers may not offer lay-by's as a payment option to Buyers.

1.20. Charity auctions and requests for donations may not be listed without the prior consent of bidorbuy, you will need to provide the charity's NPO or Fund Raising number, including a letter from the charity confirming that you may collect funds on their behalf.

2. The following policies apply to all listings except those that do not incur Success Fees:

2.1.  No external links are permitted (i.e. links other than those on the domain) except when linking to a manufacture's web site e.g. linking to Nokia's web site for more information on a specific model of cell phone for sale.
2.2.  No contact details of any sort (including telephone numbers and email addresses) are permitted in the description or in responses to questions from the Q & A facility, this includes advertising your business or services even if no contact details are included.

3. The following policies apply only to listings that do not incur Success Fees e.g. Classified listings and certain Auctions / Buy Now listings in the Property and Auto categories (see the Fee Rate Card for listings that do not incur a Success Fee)

3.1. Listings may include links to other third party web sites.
3.2. Listings may include contact details of the Seller.

Violation of this policy may result in a range of actions, including, but not limited to, listing cancellations/deletion, listing restrictions, suspension or restriction of your bidorbuy account and forfeiting of bidorbuy fees on cancelled/deleted listings.


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