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Cancelling Orders, Purchases or Transactions
Posted by , Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 14 December 2017 09:00 AM

By using bidorbuy you have agreed to the Terms of Use of the site, so your winning bid or Buy Now order are considered legally binding. You do, however, have the right to cancel a Buy Now sale within 5 days of placing the order as per the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) or in accordance with the ECT Act. This does not apply to auctions.  You may request for your bid to be deleted by the seller (as per the CPA); you can do this by using the Q&A facility on the listing page on the auction you are bidding on.

Be aware that there are consequences for not concluding order or purchases: the seller will file a SNC (Sale Not Complete) against you, and if you are found at fault as per our policies and Terms of Use, you may be issued with a non-fulfilment warning and further action can be taken on your account.  You may also receive a negative rating from the seller for not completing the order, in line with our rating policy.

So please do exercise caution when bidding or buying and be responsible.  Sellers spend lots of time and money creating and promoting their listings and products and by not concluding the purchase not only causes an inconvenience to the seller in terms of cost and time and the loss of a sale, but also possible negative ratings against your account which may result in your ability to bid or buy on the site being removed permanently.


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