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Payment Methods Available on bidorbuy
Posted by bidorbuy Admin, Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 15 June 2021 07:01 PM

Sellers decide which of the payment methods available on bidorbuy they want to accept. Buyers can then choose between the payment options offered by the seller during the check out.

Setting up payment options

Sellers set up their payment options once by checking appropriate boxes in their My bidorbuy section. These options are automatically applied to all their listings, under the Shipping & Payment tab. Some payment options are pre-selected. Those payment options are mandatory for all sellers. Sellers are advised to offer as many payment options as they can, because different buyers have different preferences.

bobPay-EFT payments

Standard EFT  (Electronic Funds Transfer) or internet banking can take two days to clear. It also requires manual reconciliation. bobPay-EFT addresses these issues. bidorbuy has opened bank accounts in the major South African banks (Absa, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank), eliminating the usual delay for payments made between different banks. In most cases, both the buyer and seller are notified of  the payment within half an hour. (Sometimes the clearing from the bank can be delayed for up to 24-48 hours. This is out of our control.) Once payment has been completed, the amount is credited to the seller’s bidorbuy account and the seller can then request a payout to thier bank account.

Buyers, please note:

  • When paying, use the unique 6-digit reference number provided by bidorbuy as the beneficiary reference.
  • If an incorrect reference is used, bidorbuy or the seller may ask you to send a proof of payment to
  • bidorbuy does not act as a trust or escrow service, nor do we offer any guarantees regarding payments and delivery.

bobPay-Cash deposits

This payment option works similar to bobPay-EFT. The only difference is that in the case of bobPay-Cash the buyer has to go to his bank and make the payment. The payment is usually reflected within 30 minutes.

Buyers, please note:

  • When paying, use the unique 6-digit reference number provided by bidorbuy as the beneficiary reference.
  • If an incorrect reference is used, bidorbuy or the seller may ask you to send a proof of payment to
  • bidorbuy does not act as a trust or escrow service, nor do we offer any guarantees regarding payments and delivery.

bobPay-Credit card payments

Sellers can accept credit card payments through the bidorbuy system. Sellers have the option to accept or reject each credit card payment. Once accepted, the funds are credited to the seller’s bidorbuy account. Sellers can request a payout  to their own bank account at any time. bobPay–Credit Card is a fast and convenient payment method. However, sellers should be aware that they take the risk of a chargeback, which can take place up to 180 days after the transaction. View the terms for accepting payment using bobPay-Credit Card in the bobPay User Agreement.


bobBucks are bidorbuy vouchers. When buyers buy bobBucks for own use, the amount will be automatically placed into their bidorbuy bobBucks account. Buyers who receive bobBucks as a gift can use it to pay by this method during checkout. Alternatively, they can redeem their voucher so that it sits safely in their bobBucks account until they are ready to shop. For more details, click here.

Discovery Miles

Buyers with Discovery Miles (which they earn with the Discovery Credit Card) can shop on bidorbuy and pay for items from sellers who accept Discovery Miles. Find out more about Activating and Using Discovery Miles as a Payment Option.


Mobicred is a simple and convenient online credit payment facility that allows buyers to shop on bidorbuy and repay the amount over 12 months. Please read more in this article: Shop on Credit: mobicred Payment Option.


Payflex lets you get what you need now, but pay for it over four interest-free instalments. You pay 25% upfront, then three payments of 25% over the following six weeks.


Buyers who have the SnapScan app can pay for products using the SnapScan payment method. SnapScan is a free app which allows you to securely link your credit or debit card to easily pay on the go, wherever or whenever. Your card details are securely encrypted on your phone; neither SnapScan or bidorbuy will have access to your card details. Please read more in this article: Activating and Using SnapScan as a Payment Option.


Zapper is a free mobile application that allows shoppers to make safe, fast and easy mobile payments. The app supports credit cards and most debit cards from any local bank, as well as 3D Secure-enabled international bank cards. Please read more in this article: Activating and Using Zapper as a Payment Option.


Masterpass by MasterCard is a digital wallet that allows buyers to check out faster no matter how they shop, in-store or online.  Masterpass transactions are secure, and there are no extra costs involved. Activating and Using Masterpass as a Payment Option.


SCode payment option allows buyers to pay with cash, debit card or credit card at physical retail outlets. Buyers can make payments at over 6,000 Money Market counters of Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House & Home, OK, Shoprite, U$ave, and at the South African Post Office. Read more about Activating and Using SCode as a Payment Option.


bidorbuy has no control over PayPal and is completely independent of PayPal. Buyers and sellers on bidorbuy can transact using PayPal payment method, if both are registered with PayPal. To offer PayPal as a payment option, sellers need to enter add their PayPal account ID into the bidorbuy system. When buyers opt to pay using PayPal, bidorbuy will guide them through the payment process on PayPal and attempt to record completed PayPal payments against the order on the bidorbuy system. PayPal does not offer South African Rands as a currency. The seller will select one of the available foreign currencies in which to receive payment. bidorbuy will convert the payment amount from Rands to the chosen currency using the current exchange rate. PayPal method of payment may be used only for international transactions, and not for local ones. Unless you are a seller from outside South Africa or expect to receive many payments from buyers outside of South Africa, PayPal is not recommended as a payment option.

Other payment options

Sellers can set up any number of other custom payment options. This is usually in order to receive payments directly into their own bank account. Buyers, please note that only specific payment methods qualify for Buyer Protection Programme. Neither PayPal nor other payment options qualify for Buyer Protection Programme.

Escrow service

This involves using a trusted agent who keeps the money until the buyer signals that the payment may be released to the seller. Should there be any dispute, then the escrow company intervenes to resolve the issues. This method is usually costly for sellers and is occasionally used for high value transactions.

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