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Listing in 2 Categories - Additional Exposure
Posted by , Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 06 October 2014 09:02 AM

We shall show you how to enhance the listing for your merchandise in two categories for the price of one and just a little more:

Select the Promotional category listing together with Category page featured listing and Priority listing.

The benefit?

Your item gets the special treatment in two categories for well below the normal cost.

Just to dispel any confusion, the enhanced listing currently called Promotional category enables you not only to display your item in one of the seasonal bidorbuy catalogues (Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.), but to also put it into the second regular category.

For example, if you want to sell a mosaic plate, you may want to list in both Crafts and in Home Decor. Do it by following these steps when listing your plate:

  1. Click on Crafts and select Crafts - Mosaic from the drop-down list.
  2. List your item the usual way - upload the image, give the listing a title, enter the description, specify your terms and conditions.
  3. When you come to the Enhance your Listing section, tick Category Page Featured Listing, Priority Listing and Promotional Category Listing.
  4. Selecting the last option will activate the drop-down list and the button next to it. Click on the arrow next to the Select a category box and select Home & Living. Then click on the Click to select button. A new window will open  with a category tree. Click the arrow next to the “not specified” box , scroll down and click on your subcategory - in this case, Home Decor - Ornament. Then click on the Save category button.

Your item will be displayed under Category Page Featured Listing and Priority Listing in both Crafts-Mosaics and Home & Living-Home Decor-Ornaments categories.

Now, bidorbuy will charge you R10 for Category Page Featured Listing and R5 for Priority Listing in one single category. How much extra would you expect to be charged for getting the same enhancement in the second category?

The correct answer is: only R5.

Small print containing disclaimers, warning, and explanations: Firstly, the above prices were correct at the time of publication and may change without warning. In second place, double-classify only the items that really belong to two categories. Do not succumb to temptation to list your merchandise in the second category at all costs. You will be penalized for listing in the wrong category. And lastly, if you do not already know, Category page featured listing gives the item the top position in its chosen category page, right after the list of the subcategories, while Priority listing displays the item above non-priority items (including Category page featured listing).


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