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How to Buy - Step 4: Rating the Seller
Posted by bidorbuy Marketing, Last modified by bidorbuy Marketing on 16 November 2017 03:03 PM

After you have made payment, the Seller should package and send the item to you in the shipping method that was agreed upon. Take note of how long the Seller advises the shipping should take and utilise parcel tracking websites such as Once you have received the item, you should rate the Seller based on the Seller's service, communication, delivery and product quality.

bidorbuy encourages users to rate one another based on experiences whilst transacting. Buyers should rate sellers based on seller service, communication, delivery and product quality. Sellers should rate buyers depending on promptness of payment, and ease of completing the transaction (eg: providing correct delivery details). There are three kinds of ratings: Positive, Neutral and Negative.

Checking bidorbuy users' ratings will assist you in making an informed decision about buying or selling from a particular user. Through the rating system, you are guarded against buyers or sellers who may have a bad transaction history.

Following are the various ratings bands currently in use:

Rating Score Icon
 Under 10  None
 10 - 49  
 50 - 99  
 100 - 499  
 500 - 999  
 1000 - 4999  
Rating Score Icon
 5000 - 9999  
 10000 - 14999  
 15000 - 19999  
 20000 - 29999  
 30000 - 39999  
 40000 and over  


How to Rate Another User?

You can rate the users you transact with in the My bidorbuy section.
Please remember that you can rate another user only if you have transacted with him/her on bidorbuy.

Step 1: Finding items >> Step 2: Bidding and buying >> Step 3: Completing the purchase >> Step 4: Rating the seller

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