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Basic vs Advanced Seller
Posted by , Last modified by Johan Du Toit on 28 May 2018 07:39 AM

Currently bidorbuy offers two types of seller accounts, a Basic Seller and an Advanced Seller.  There are a number of distinct differences:

Basic Seller

  • Basic Sellers do not have to provide bank account or credit cards details to register.
  • Basic Sellers need to pay with their credit card for Enhanced Listing Options or to create Classified Ads (including car listings).
  • Basic Sellers need to pay all listing, enhancement and advertising fees in advance with credit card, fees can also be offset against a positive balance in the seller's fee account. 
  • Success Fees charged are deducted from the available bobPay credit balance in their bidorbuy account.
  • Basic Sellers cannot use the Automatic Re-Listing option to re-list items.

Advanced Seller

  • Advanced Sellers are required to submit bank account details or credit card upon registration, including ID details (ID number or Passport).
  • When you apply to become an advanced seller, bidorbuy will attempt to debit your specified bank account or credit card for R10.00, which if successful will be credited to your bidorbuy account. This is done to validate the account.
  • Advanced Sellers can create and offer Prompts to buyers.
  • Advanced Sellers can make Offers to buyers.
  • Advanced Sellers are billed in arrears. Fees are invoiced at the end of the month and debited on or around the 7th of the following month for all fees incurred during the previous month.
  • Advanced Sellers can offer additional payment methods to buyers. However, bobPay Credit Card is generally only available to Verified Users.
  • Advanced Sellers can automatically re-list items.

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